AmeriCorps Success Story

They always say younger kids look up to the “bigger kids,” giving us the role to always set a perfect example of good behavior, good grades, and good manners. In perspective, I think of it quite inversely. As for me, they are my role models, my get up and go juice box, and my happiness. Every day I wake up feeling ecstatic and enthralled to know that I have yet another day to see bright admiration upon the young faces I deal with. My After-School All-Star kids made me realize, “school is not for just homework it’s for knowledge” (Nicholas).  They help me advance to higher things and “reach for not only one star… all of them” (Jose). School for me was normal rountine, no excitment, no fun, just trying to get through the day with A’s and B’s. From that moment when I heard all these things it gave me a different view. Should I get good grades the normal way? I say no, have fun with it and set challenges. It opened my eyes to do better in school, and encouraged me to help and bring along as many people as I can. Setting simple goals is what I’ve learned from my kids at Roundy Elementary School, and to never fail a test because your mom and dad will get mad at you.

Ajay Vinson, 17
AmeriCorps member serving with After-School All-Stars Las Vegas