Axel Suastegui

Hello, my name is Axel. I’m in the 5th grade at Robert Lunt Elementary School. I like the After-School All-Stars program at Robert Lunt especially since my first hour teacher helps me with my math and teaches us strategies for division and multiplication. At first, all of the math strategies are easy and then they get harder and harder.  The main reason the after-school program means a lot to me is that I get to spend more time with my friends and have fun when I’m in the second hour.  My second hour classes are Archery and Kickball. Archery is fun because you get to learn how to aim at a target and kickball is cool because I love to run.

The after-school program makes me feel happy and safe. Every day we get a free meal from Three Square. I really like the after-school program, even though it is tiring, it is good to do some exercises because it will help you live longer so you can see your grandchildren someday.

Thank you for your time and I want to thank the After-School All-Stars and all of my teachers for having these after-school programs.

Axel Suastegui, 5th grade
Robert Lunt Elementary School