Malaika Syed

I really like After-School All-Stars! It is so much fun and really helps me with my education. There are so many useful and fun activities and classes. In French, you get the learn a new language; in Krypto class, you get to play games and get better at your math skills; in Homework Help, you […]

Nadia Pereida

Hello my name is Nadia Pereida I go to James Cashman M.S.and I’m in eighth grade. I have been in the After-School All-Stars for two years now. This program has helped me academically, mentally and physically as well as other students in the program. There are a variety of classes to join that are fun […]

John’s Lifetime Adventures Story

I just wanted to write about my spectacular experience in Lifetime Adventures, a wonderful program of the After-School All-Stars Las Vegas. Actually this is my first time joining the After-School All-Stars program and it has already influenced me a lot and means a lot to me. According to my opinion, After-School All-Stars is an organization […]

AmeriCorps Success Story

They always say younger kids look up to the “bigger kids,” giving us the role to always set a perfect example of good behavior, good grades, and good manners. In perspective, I think of it quite inversely. As for me, they are my role models, my get up and go juice box, and my happiness. Every […]

Jonas Watt

Hello, my name is Jonas Watt. I attend Jim Bridger Middle School which is a great school. But what makes it a greater school is After-School All-Stars Las Vegas. After-School All-Stars Las Vegas is an organization that lets kids participate in different types of classes after-school. Classes like volleyball, chess, soccer, made science and much […]

Luke Farris

 I’m in the 5th grade and I look forawrd to going to After-School All-Stars just about everyday. More than half of C.T. Sewell students are in the program and I’m glad we have it. Here are reasons why. One reason is it gives children who don’t have computers at home extra time to use computer […]

Jayla Scott

My name is Jayla Scott. I am eleven years of age and I’m officially a 5th grader. I have two brothers, Jeremiah is the oldest and Josiah, who is the youngest. I have a beautiful mom names Aleesha, which is not spelled like the singer, Alicia Keys. I have a cute, loving cat name Tiger […]

Axel Suastegui

Hello, my name is Axel. I’m in the 5th grade at Robert Lunt Elementary School. I like the After-School All-Stars program at Robert Lunt especially since my first hour teacher helps me with my math and teaches us strategies for division and multiplication. At first, all of the math strategies are easy and then they […]