How long has After-School All-Stars been in the community?

After-School All-Stars (ASAS) was officially organized in 1995 as “Inner-City Games” when philanthropist and community leader, Mrs. Elaine Wynn, brought the organization to the underprivileged youth of Las Vegas. In 2003, the organization expanded its services from weekend sports clinics to full comprehensive after-school programs, and changed its name to the “After-School All-Stars Las Vegas”. Learn more about After-School All-Stars here.

How many schools in Las Vegas have the ASAS programs?

ASAS has programs at 15 schools throughout the Clark County School District. See our partnering schools.

Who is eligible to participate in ASAS programs?

ASAS currently offers programs at 15 Clark County School District schools. Students from these schools are eligible to participate in our programming – all at no cost to them.

If my child is not a student at one of the 15 schools, can they still participate in ASAS?

Unfortunately, students must attend a school that offers our programs to participate. If you would like our programs at your school please contact your school’s principal, CCSD Area Academic Manager or your local congress person.

How are the schools selected that have ASAS programs?

Schools are chosen based on whether they are a Title 1 School which supports schools with a large low-income student population, the percentage of students who receive the Free and Reduced Lunch Program, referrals and/or recommendations from the CCSD Associate Superintendents and Area Academic Managers and schools that follow our “feeder” school pattern model. We have found that it is in the community’s best interest to offer the after-school program at surrounding elementary or middle schools.

Who teaches the after-school programs?

Programs are taught by licensed CCSD teachers that hold positions in the core academic areas and have met District requirements. Instructors are also professionals in their respective fields from the community that teach several after-school programs, such as: dance, music, sports and other specialty programs. All outside instructors are required to complete fingerprint background checks in order to teach in CCSD public school sites and are required to have a licensed CCSD teacher in the classroom with them at all times.

How many students participate in ASAS programs?

Since the organization’s inception, it has served more than 100,000 youth locally. More than 6,500 students participate in our programs every year.

What age range does ASAS provide after-school programs for?

ASAS offers after-school programming to students, pre-kindergarten though eighth grade.

How is ASAS funded?

ASAS is funded by private and corporate donors, as well as foundations and grants. Learn more about how you can get involved!

What kind of programs does ASAS provide?

ASAS offers a variety of academic, enrichment, and health and fitness programs. See some of the programs offered.

Is ASAS part of a national organization?

Yes. For more information on our National Office, please click here.

How is ASAS different than other after-school providers, such as Boys & Girls Clubs, Safe Key, etc.?

ASAS is the only after-school provider that offers free on-site programs to children and their families. ASAS provides low-income, underprivileged students with the opportunity to participate in extracurricular/educational activities, field trips, opportunities for youth performances and opportunities to attend community events.

How can I get involved in ASAS?

You can get involved in numerous ways, please visit our Get Involved section for a full list of opportunities.

What other organizations/companies does ASAS partner with?

ASAS is grateful to have many loyal and wonderful partners. We can’t thank them enough for all of their support. For a complete list of our partners, please visit our Partners section.