Jayla Scott

My name is Jayla Scott. I am eleven years of age and I’m officially a 5th grader. I have two brothers, Jeremiah is the oldest and Josiah, who is the youngest. I have a beautiful mom names Aleesha, which is not spelled like the singer, Alicia Keys. I have a cute, loving cat name Tiger and I used to have three snails. My hobbies are reading, sports, cheerleading, drawing, arts and crafts and making jewelry. My goal in life is to become a valedictorian, a wealthy criminal defense lawyer and a doctor.

I attend C.P Squires Elementary School which is enriched with the wonderful After-School All-Stars program. I have been in After-School All-Stars for four years. I’ve had many memorable experiences such as having dancers and singers perform for us, performing for other people, going on field trips and many other things. After-School All-Stars is important to me and my family. Throughout my four years attending the program, I have been involved in the following programs: Silly Science, Marine Biology, Cooking, Little Pastry Chefs, Ballet Folklorico, Scottish Dance, Tiger Time Newspaper, and Peer Tutoring. In the after-school program, we have taken several field trips to places like Sea World, House of Blues, Le Cordon Bleu, Springs Preserve, Red Rock and the Sevens Rugby Tournament.

I really enjoy everything about the After-School All-Stars because it is fun and I get to learn a lt of new things. Since I’ve been in the After-School All-Stars program, I have really “blossomed” and become a better person. The after-school program also keeps me busy and connects me to the world.

Jayla Scott, 5th grade
C.P Squires Elementary School