John’s Lifetime Adventures Story

I just wanted to write about my spectacular experience in Lifetime Adventures, a wonderful program of the After-School All-Stars Las Vegas. Actually this is my first time joining the After-School All-Stars program and it has already influenced me a lot and means a lot to me. According to my opinion, After-School All-Stars is an organization who teaches students like me how to be a good citizen, to be an awesome student and how to be a great example to everyone. I have learned a lot of things from After-School All-stars like how to survive in the desert, how to build a tent and many more, but the most important thing that I learned from the After-School All-Stars program is how to shape my personality. I am so thankful to all the crew, staff and all of the wonderful people who make up the After-School All-Stars program. When I grow up, I will do all my best to show the world that children, teens and youth are the hope of our future.

John Kenneth Lidang, 7th grade
Orr Middle School