Jonas Watt

Hello, my name is Jonas Watt. I attend Jim Bridger Middle School which is a great school. But what makes it a greater school is After-School All-Stars Las Vegas.

After-School All-Stars Las Vegas is an organization that lets kids participate in different types of classes after-school. Classes like volleyball, chess, soccer, made science and much more. I take Media All-Stars and Flag Football. I already take a media class during school so it helps me to get my homework done and get better at whatever we are doing at school.  I play football outside of school so Flag Football keeps me active and gets me ready before practices.

I am currently the National Youth Advisory Board Member of the Las Vegas Chapter. This means that other representatives, along with myself, discuss with the staff of After-School All-Stars what we think about the program through a student’s eyes. We discuss what the kids like and dislike. Being in this program, I have learned many things, such as being a better role model for my peers, having responsibilities, publicly speaking and being confident in myself. This position has provided me with opportunities like meeting Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger while snowboarding at Mammoth Mountain, going to the University of Chicago and meeting the other representatives from their chapters, meeting Ms. Elaine Wynn and Sheriff Gillespie.   Sheriff Gillespie arranged for me to participate in a fly along in a helicopter and I was also on Channel 13 News.  As you can see, I have been able to do many things and this is because of the After-School All-Stars.

After-School All-Stars provides kids with more than just after-school activities. It also gives kids something to do after school.  Most kids just go home , do their homework, watch TV, play video and computer games and eat.  But with After-School All-Stars, kids can get their homework done while learning new things and getting active. The program also keeps kids out of danger.  A lot of violence and drug use happens after school but After-School All-Stars keeps the kids away from that by providing fun and educational classes.

Jonas Watt, 8th Grade
Bridger Middle School