Luke Farris

 I’m in the 5th grade and I look forawrd to going to After-School All-Stars just about everyday. More than half of C.T. Sewell students are in the program and I’m glad we have it. Here are reasons why.

One reason is it gives children who don’t have computers at home extra time to use computer programs such as ST Math and Study Island. Another reason is that the teachers are always helping me and my peers try to achieve our goals. I would never made it on the Straight A Honor Roll without After-School All-Stars. The third reason why After-School All-Stars is great is that it has “Fun Hour.” Ther is always something exciting to do in whatever activity you chose for each session. I have been in students council and computers.

I want to thank the C.T. Sewell staff members for giving me the privilege to be in the After-School All-Stars.

Luke Farris, 5th grade
C.T. Sewell Elementary School