Nadia Pereida

Hello my name is Nadia Pereida I go to James Cashman M.S.and I’m in eighth grade. I have been in the After-School All-Stars for two years now. This program has helped me academically, mentally and physically as well as other students in the program. There are a variety of classes to join that are fun and academic. Teachers in the program encourage you to have excellent grades and to achieve your goals. The experiences that each program offers are amazing.

I have participated in different classes, for example Lifetime Adventures, cooking, robotics, dance, and soccer. Lifetime adventure is an extraordinary program that has helped me as a student physically and academically. Physically, because we go hiking and work on projects out in the nature and we also go out on camping trips, which teach us how to be independent out in nature. Academically, because the teachers Mr. JT Reynolds, Mrs. Dot, Mr. Brian, Ms. Jenny Martin, and Mr. Aaron push us to do exceptional in school. Cooking teaches us how to be independent and the importance of cooking for our own self. Robotics is a class that teaches us how to build a model like a real engineer with technology programmed by students. This class is run by Mr. Bowersox, a teacher at Cashman M.S. Dance and soccer are two fun exercise classes that students enjoy. Dance class has taken us on field trips, such as LVA (Las Vegas Academy) to see the students there dance like professionals. The Lifetime Adventures program has taken us to various places. We have traveled to the hot deserts of Nevada and through the warm breezes of the beach in California. We have hiked in really cold conditions but we have also been through the hottest temperatures in Nevada.

These teachers have made a drastic change in my life and I’m glad about it. Mr. JT Reynolds teaches the after-school program at Cashman M.S. He organizes the guest speakers that come in the classroom to teach us about culture, history, and nature. I have learned different things that I didn’t know. Mrs. Dot is a retired English teacher that helps us with our writing assignments to get better grades. Mr. Brian teaches the after-school program at Orr M.S. and comes into the class and teaches lessons about reaching our goals for the future. Ms. Jenny Martin is the coordinator that plans out where and when we go on field trips. Without her we wouldn’t have transportation or food and water to have on the field trips, either hiking only for a day or going camping for six days. Mr. Aaron works at the Red Rock National Conservation Area and guides us through our hiking/camping trips. All of these teachers have encouraged us to do exceptional in school with our conduct and our grades.

Being in these programs has brought different benefits to my life. First of all, the most important is that my grades have had a huge impact and have improved. Then I have had the chance to go with Ms. Jenny to Wynn casino with other students to an auction with famous, rich people and the money that was raised would go to the programs. Another opportunity I have had is to go with Mr. JT Reynolds and Mrs. Dot to an important conference in California. It was organized by an organization called Friends of Sloan Canyon at Indian Wells, California. The After-School All-Stars is an amazing program that brings wonderful benefits to every single student that is involved.