Andrea Youth Advisory Board


West Prep Academy Middle School
N-YAB Leader, After-School All-Stars Las Vegas

Andrea has been selected as the National Youth Advisory Board representative for Las Vegas for the 2017-2018 school year. She was chosen based on her grades, positive behavior, developing leadership skills and continuous involvement in the after-school program.
Yabbie Andrea Showcase
Andrea has attended After-School All-Stars at West Prep Academy for the last 4 years. She plays the guitar in the West Prep Middle School Mariachi band. As well as participated in community service projects. She looks forward to positively representing After-School All-Stars around her school campus and her community. Andrea also hopes to graduate with honors.
Yabbie Andrea ASU
Over the summer, Andrea had the opportunity to visit Washington D.C. to attend All-Star University with students from 18 other After-School All-Star Chapters. Over 3.5 days she attended workshops on leadership and service learning that included goal setting and issues education, leadership development, and action planning. She also attended a workshop on the Plus Me Project, that included strategies on how youth can best tell their stories and use them as a self-advocacy tool. During her time in Washington D.C. Andrea said that she has learned

“We sometimes doesn’t take risks because we are scared of failure and the only thing stopping us from our accomplishments is our own fears. You have to be strong enough to be able to prove wrong the people who doubted you and said you couldn’t make it.”

We are proud of our Las Vegas N-YAB leader, Andrea, from West Prep Academy Middle School!