Lifetime Adventures Program

Since 2007, Lifetime Adventures mission has been to expose underserved middle-school students to environments outside their neighborhoods and to promote youth outdoor learning and wilderness travel. The program uses outdoor activities as a tool to develop positive social skills that transfer directly to each student’s day-to-day life. Youth involved in Lifetime Adventures are educated about responsibility, teamwork, trust, personal growth, community service learning and stewardship for the environment. Students also take several field trips to places such as Mt. Charleston and Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.

Media All-Stars Program

The Media All-Stars Program offers students opportunities to learn about broadcast journalism, print media, advertising, film, editing, radio and television. The students in this program create Public Service Announcements, short films and broadcasts. The Media All-Stars are provided with opportunities to expand their media knowledge by touring the local newspaper facility, local news stations, advertising agencies and the journalism and media studies department at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.


CEO is a career development and entrepreneurialism program. ASAS created CEO to help students learn to be self-sufficient adults, prepare them for the 21st century economy and inspire long-term career planning. CEO also connects youth with community leaders and CEO’s from the government, business and nonprofit sectors to help them learn workplace skills and motivate them to create ambitious career goals.

We Are Ready Program

We Are Ready is a middle-to-high-school transition and drop-out prevention program for 8th grade students. Many potential dropouts exhibit early warning signs associated with dropping out of school. This curriculum is based on high school readiness, study skills, options after high school and career exploration. Students in the We Are Ready program have opportunities to go on incentive field trips, tours and head guest speakers. This program exposes students to unique careers and interests to motivate them to stay in school and realize their potential.

Sports as a Hook

ASASLV is tackling the childhood obesity crisis by helping kids become more active and knowledgeable of healthy eating choices. ASASLV is committed to becoming a leader in the emerging field of sports-based youth development and to intentionally connect sports activities to lessons on leadership, nutrition, community service, gender equality and exposure to nature and the outdoors. Students in this program are provided with opportunities to participate in sports clinics hosted by UNLV Athletics and sporting events at UNLV.

Life Service Action

Studies consistently show that students who participate in a service learning program have improved academic performance and positive behavior in school. To enhance student achievement, help students develop as leaders, and inspire participants to engage in their communities, ASAS launched Life Service Action. Through their participation in student-led, curriculum-driven service learning projects, ASAS students are exposed to new concepts in learning and develop a stronger sense of social responsibility and civic awareness.