Through a Child’s Eye Story

by Audry Lewis

Hello my name is is Audrey Lewis. I’m in the fifth grate at Rex Bell Elementary School. I would like to share some reason why I love Rex Bell’s after school program.


One reason why I love Rex Bell’s after-school program is because it has helped me with my grades. I’m able to socialize and discuss problems with other students. It has also helped me improve my math and reading skills. I’ve changed C’s and B’s to A’s! Another reason why I love the after-school program is because I get to work with teachers who are involved, caring and always ready to help me. I also enjoy the wide variety of programs offered, for instance, Hip Hop Dance and Latin Dance, Sign Language, Sports, PE, Art and the academic programs like Computers and Reading. I also enjoy the pizza parties, all the cool field trips, and we also get free snacks.


A Note from Audrey’s Teacher, Mrs. Gilbert-Bagwin
My first meeting with Audrey were strained. Her negative attitude got in the way of me seeing who she really is. After having her in my class for two weeks her confrontational tendencies  spilled over and ended with us getting into a physical confrontation. Since this incident, I have seen a positive change in Audrey’s attitude. Having Audrey in the after-school program has help us to foster a positive and playful relationship. She is visibly a happy girl. Seeing Audrey this year is like seeing a new person – she has more friends, she smiles and she is helpful to the other students.